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Today more and more frequently we hear about athleisure, a symptom of a recent fashion that has spread both among young and old.

It is an English neologism that combines the words “athletic”, which in our language can be translated as athletic or sporty, and “leisure”, which means free time.

We are therefore talking about a fashion that blends two styles of clothing: sporty and casual activewear singapore.

Since 2015 the term in question has entered the English dictionaries, indicating a type of casualwear that can be used both for sport and for use in everyday life.

What is athleisure

It is not uncommon for sportswear to also be used outside its natural range. Often, in fact, for its comfort it is chosen in informal environments or is considered part of home clothing.

Indeed, tracksuits, jeans and soft dresses are among the most used right at home.

The novelty consists, if anything, in the fact that with the athleisure style the use of a kind of clothing considered casual is cleared even in more formal areas: it is in fact a comfortable and versatile way of dressing, but also elegant.

Why should you choose the right active wear?

Why the athleisure style is successful

The reasons why this style has conquered many people, in all age groups, are many:

It is a comfortable and versatile style: without a doubt comfort is the spring that has prompted many people to try it, especially among young people. If those who are a few years older are already used to some sacrifices in order to be trendy, today young people are less willing to find themselves in plaster casts in clothes or shoes that force them.

It is a style that combines comfort with elegance: the fact of being able to choose a refined style without sacrificing practicality is undoubtedly an extra boost for those who love to be in the latest fashion.

It is highly customizable: casual, sport and elegance mix, giving the possibility to dose the different components and offer outfits that are always different and in line with one’s personality.

Take advantage of the technical characteristics of sportswear also for leisure time: not only tracksuits and sneakers, but also the most technical clothing enter the most extreme and original outfits. It thus allows to exploit the peculiar characteristics of certain materials even in everyday life.

It is suitable for everyone and all ages: although it is much loved by young people, thanks to its elegance and versatility it can also be chosen at the age of fifty. The important thing is to take advantage of the possible customizations by inventing an outfit in line with your personality.

It offers a very wide range of prices: the famous brands offer quite expensive clothes. However, it is still possible to mix different styles and create pleasant and particular combinations even with a lower cost: what matters is the taste, not the wallet.