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  1. Push notification:

Push notifications can include important alerts, offers, happy hours, and more. Additionally, push notifications can be used to share important news regarding the opening and closing of various stores.

  1. Cloud management:

Cloud management plays an important role in making the application lean and fluid. All user details such as orders, delivery data, offers loved by users, information on all drinks and meals can be transferred and then stored in the cloud. It will simplify the application process and make it more convenient order liquor online singapore.

  1. Offers:

Occasional rewards and offers can be provided to users to promote user engagement. Using these offers, users can purchase various drinks and meals at affordable prices.


The cost of developing on-demand applications, especially the alcohol release request, depends on the following factors. Additional attributes can be added for extra functionality. Some of the main factors affecting the cost are:

  1. Platform selection:

Applications can be built in cross-platform frameworks or separately in the iOS and Android operating systems. Platform option should be performed carefully in arrangement to get the full audience. Construction apps individually can be expensive for developers. IPhone application improvement assistance programming does not suit Android application advancement assistance and vice versa.

  1. Beginning-end and background-end request development:

The applucation should be earned interactive by the stoner and simple to govern so that further and extra users can utilize it. But construction and planning take a lot of time, effort, and capital investment.

  1. UI / UX development:

UI / UX development is done in any app to make it more interactive and interesting for users. While it does not cost efficient, it is a very smart investment to make.

  1. Connectivity with the website:

Website connectivity is another major factor affecting costs. The application must be connected to the website to get more detailed information on the products and services provided by the company.

  1. Location:

The physical location of the mobile app development company and the application developer team also play an important role in determining the cost of mobile app development . Generally, each application development in India is invested around $ 6,000 to $ 20,000.

Legal compliance:

Since the liqueur comes with a number of rules and regulations, it cannot be delivered without legal terms and conditions. In order to develop an on-demand alcohol delivery application, the company must issue legal documents from the government so that the delivery, consumption and sale of liquor items are seamless.