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In the legalized countries and states, censuses show a slight rise in the popularity of vapes and smokes. The most robust effects are caused by Dab rig or oil rigs like wax or shatter.

What are dabs?

Dabs are concentrated doses of weed created by a solvent (carbon dioxide or butane) to extract the actives of the plant in a very concentrated form. After the extraction process, the end product is the strong, sticky oily mixture of the substance.

What are Dab rigs?

Dan rig is an instrument used to dab marijuana concentrates like rosin and harsh. Usually, they are a special type of water pipe or bongs connected to a nail or banger, specifically designed to smoke dense vapor, used to inhale dabs. Normally they are made up of glass, and nails are made of quartz or titanium.

Dab rigs

What are the tools required for Dab?

  • Dab rig: It comes in various shapes and sizes. Majorly used to cool dab vapor before it enters the lungs.
  • Nail/Banger: A nail is fitted to a dab rig and is the place where dabs are vaporized for inhalation. It is built to withstand high temperatures. Also known as quartz nail.
  • Carb cap: This is placed on top of the hot nail and is used to get the most out of the concentrate. It helps regulate airflow and locks the vapor in the dap rig system.
  • Blow torch: It is a fundamental device, used to heat the nails super hot, to speed up the process. It’s easily available in a smoke store.
  • Dabber/ Dab Tool: Every dab is greasy, so a tool is needed to pull it right out of the container and put it into the hot nail. So, the dab tool helps do this. Its head allows an individual to clean up the good dabs from the remaining ones.
  • Reclaim Catchers: These collect usable spin-offs or excess wax that slips into the rig through the banger.
  • Silicone Dab Jar: As the name suggests, they’re jars or containers made from silicone and are non-sticking. They are made for holding the wax or dabs, in the jars where it doesn’t stick. Since silicone is durable it is ideal to make containers of this material.
  • Dab Mat/Dab Timer: These help keep the dabbing area clean and dirt-free. This is not a necessity but is always good to have one.

If you enjoy dabbing, be careful and Dab away your fun!!