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Newbie herb enthusiasts, an alternative technique of consumption of marijuana is grinding. Whether an individual smokes or vapes herbs, a marijuana grinder is one of the required toolsevery cannabis consumer needs.  Here, the grinder breaks down dried herbs into more even particles, to relish the consumer without the need to stir every time.

What is a grinder?

weed grinder is a tool used to crumble or tear down the cannabis into tiny bits so that they are consistent and easy to set up. It looks like a cylindrical device divided into two halves and inside has sharp teeth like pegs aligned altogether such that when the two halves are put together, the material is shredded well.

weed grinder

Different Types of Grinders?

  • Acrylic Grinder: They are made of acrylic material and are the most affordable alternative. Some consumers prefer this while a majority rate this as an average product. They tend to be difficult to operate and require more human effort than other grinders.
  • Wood Grinders: They consist of two parts: a cover and a grinder with metal teeth that look like nails. There is difficulty tearing through denser herbs in this grinder because the teeth aren’t too sharp.
  • Metal Grinders: They are said to be the most dominant and dynamic ones in comparison. Their metal teeth cut through all buds without effort and can be twisted smoothly. Thus, it is the best friend of herb lovers.
  • Other types of weed grinders: Grinders also are available in two, three, or five-piece versions. The two and three types gum up in no-sweat since their kief isn’t split out. Whereas the five-piece grinder contains two storage cells or two kief catchers.


Why Should We Use Grinders for weed?

Investing in a fine quality herb grinderprovides us with plus points even if we can grind the hemp with our hand. This is because it is nearly impossible to catch the fallen kief while pulling it apart. Also, they end up in every bit and corner, making the hands and the room messy. The quality of vaping is lowered when raw hemp burns in all regions, not receiving total exposure, rather use the freshly ground herbs.

Dry herb consumers desire high concentration fragments, so for a better experience, it is advisable to use a weed grinder. This helps in effortlessly adding the pieces to a joint, vaporizer, or pipe as well.Thus, grinders are said to be thebest friend of weed consumers.Visit to know more.