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Lifestyle and the standard of living of people have changed a lot in the past many years. Fashion is something which has become a trend among the masses as well. With the introduction of social networking websites like Orkut, facebook, twitter, etc have made the entire world a small place. With these websites one can easily see all the activities of his known near and dear ones on his computer screen in spite of the distance being too near or too far. The accessories of women are like cherry on the cake which gives those more of the reason to shop more and remain online all the time.

Women and fashion

It has been found that women are crazy about shopping. It is not that fashion is meant for those who are into the media business or fashion industry but it is also for the general public. Women have become more concerned about their looks, how they present themselves and how what they wear affects their personality. It has been seen since ages that a variety of outside and personal influences motivates the changes in women’s fashion statements. Their style gets affected by various factors, the prime most being warmth and protection.

Driving forces changing fashion statements…

There are lots of factors are responsible for a woman to change her style statement. One being comfortability, we shall now discuss the others influencing women’s fashion.

  • Humility: Modesty has played a vital role in the changing behaviors of women’s fashion. Earlier it was forbidden for a woman to expose her legs, shoulders, back, and cleavage. In this new century where generations don’t mind exposing their bodies, there are still a few cultures who believe in the aspect of modesty while setting a fashion statement.
  • Beauty and Seduction: Women dress themselves up into beautiful and sultry clothes to have an attractive appearance. The idea of beauty changes with the generations. Beauty has a different definition for everyone. Earlier they used to dress themselves up to impress others but now women dress up to make themselves feel attractive and beautiful. The clothes they wear form their personality in some or the other way and builds confidence in them.
  • Status: Women’s choices are also influenced by their status in society. Social groups have a big role in influencing women’s fashion and even more than that in setting trends and style statements.
  • Occasions: Women have a different style for special occasions and accordingly they dress themselves up.
  • Latest fashion trends: A big hand in influencing a women’s choice in clothing is the latest fashion trends set by famous designers and fashion houses.

With all these factors influencing the women’s fashion, it is obvious that fashion trends don’t stay for long and every woman has their own style statement.