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Using bean bag chairs is an affordable and fun seating solution for different types of rooms. It is comfortable, simple, has different styles, and is easier to move around. Some designers use a bean bag to combine with other decor and furniture elements as it has a unique design. You will know how you will determine a good quality bean bag. These are the details that you have to know about. It will help you in choosing the right quality bean bag for your home. When you are interested and you like to buy you can buy bean bags by Ivory & Deene.

Inside and outside bags

Many people see that they are buying bean bags based on their emotions compared than knowledge. But the potential buyer has to know its essentials. You have to first know what is inside of the bean bag. There are times the outside bag is torn and its filling is on the floor. This is why you have to buy a bean bag that has two bags. The inside bag with polystyrene beads and the outside bag can be cleaned out.

The shape of the bean bag

Picking the shape and size of the bean bag sometimes is the cause of most discussions. But it is simple as the shape will depend on your needs. When a bean bag can be carried to different places, you have to buy a pear-shaped one. And there is a bean bag with a handle to pick up so it is easier to move. Most of the time bean bags are children’s favorite because it is big, comfortable, and colorful.

bean bags by Ivory & Deene


Sometimes it is being ignored or forgotten when choosing a bean bag. You have to focus on the fabric of the outside bag. Since bean bags are made from soft polyester and it is used indoors or it uses artificial leather. Artificial leather is one of the recommended use especially when you have pets. As it is easier to clean and their hair will not stick to the bags. Also, the artificial leather is damp-proof that is coated with special layers to absorb the liquids.


You can use bean bags in your pool, yard, or terrace as it has waterproof fabrics. And focus your attention on the designers to avoid overfilling the space with furniture.

Zippers and stitches

Choosing the top quality and type of zippers and stitches. When the stitches are not strong it will be a problem because it will be torn up and you have to sew it again. It is important that you even double it to ensure it will be durable. When you plan on putting it outside you need to have strong zippers that have wide teeth. Zipper locks have to hide under the fabric to protect the floor. You can take the bean bag off its sack to fill it without taking the beads.