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Tobacco, cannabis, and other similar substances are consumed for their popularly known psychotropic effects. However, consuming such substances requires dedicated apparatus and equipment. Retail shops that have the specialization in the selling of this dedicated equipment. The equipment used to consume drugs and other similar psychotropic substances is collectively known as paraphernalia.

Shops such as Tokeplanet are specialized retailers of paraphernalia. These types of shops engage actively in selling and purchasing unique equipment for the consumption of substances such as tobacco, cannabis, and so on. These substances are responsible for psychotropic effects, for example, consumption of cannabis induces effects that make a person feel hallucinations and other effects. This is the reason such shops are called headshops.


What Is A Headshop?

There is a very popular saying that goes like this “get your head right”. This saying was the one thing that contributed to the nomenclature of headshops. Psychoactive substances such as tobacco, cannabis, and so on have some effect on the brain of the human body. This is the reason the shops that engaged in selling the equipment used to consume such substances were termed headshops.

In the initial days, headshops contained only a small collection of a variety of pipes. These pipes were generally handheld, OCB rolling papers, bongs, and so on. However, nowadays a vast collection of equipment is available in the headshops. This is due to the exponential increase in the consumption of psychoactive substances around the world.

Online Headshops

The popularity of psychoactive substances has actively increasedin the past few decades. This has led to the popularization of new and unique equipment used in the consumption of such substances. Due to this extremely high popularity of such equipment, it became very difficult to manage the vast number of customers through physical headshops. This was the main reason behind the initialization of the concept of online headshops. The establishment of online headshops such as tokeplanetaffected the marketing of paraphernalia positively.

Advantages Of Online Headshops

The establishment of virtual headshops benefitted both the consumers and retailers. This is because the virtual version of headshops has more handling and dealing capacity as compared to the physical ones. Some common advantages of online headshops are discussed below in length:

  • Accessibility- Accessing the shops dealing in paraphernalia became quite easy for people. Virtual shops do not require a person to be physically available at the store. This reduces the time invested in walking to the store and looking at different aspects of equipment to decide the best one.