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The collections of jewelry are carefully chosen to meet the high standards for aesthetics and grade. The jewelers in Melbourne works on handpicked pieces of jewelry, vetted and handpicked on their commitment to the following:The jewellers Melbourne works on handpicked pieces of jewelry, vetted and handpicked on their commitment to the following:

  • ethics
  • transparency
  • sustainability
  • beautiful craftsmanship

Some pieces of the collection are playful and bold. The others are dainty and minimalist. The piece of jewelry showcases the beauty of craftsmanship, the tale of Melbourne jewelers.

Handmade jewelry

Are you curious about what makes handmade jewelry so different from the mass-produced? There are different categories of handmade jewelry and some techniques for each one. Many consumers moved towards the preference for handmade jewelry rather than mass-produced jewelry. What is handmade jewelry and why has it become popular?

There are different jewelry-making techniques now. You can explore the different types. 

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What is handmade jewelry?

Handmade jewelry is made by an artist without using mass manufacturing machines. It ranges from wire-wrapped bracelets and pendants to elaborate designs, which take hours or days with skilled techniques to complete. What they have in common is that the jewelry artist makes each piece using only hands and simple tools.

For a piece of jewelry called handmade is forming and shaping of raw materials and finishing completed by hand labor.

Why choose a jeweler’s handmade pieces?

When purchasing a piece of handmade jewelry, you are getting a unique keepsake every time. There is always a little variation between each piece of the same style because of the nature of hand making.  There can possibly be slight imperfections, it can be a cut line, not 100% straight. But there is much more character to the piece of handmade jewelry. There is a story behind not just the design of the jewelry piece, but the artist you are buying from.

You are helping a small business owner pursue their passion when buying handmade jewelry. Jewelers source from other small business suppliers for the stones and materials. Even if you are not in the local community and buy online, you support the small business backbone of the economy.

Handmade jewelry artists

Handmade jewelry artists are making pieces using the sourced materials. These artists prefer source companies’ reputation for recycling scrap metal or ensuring the conflict-free background of stones. Some jewelers in Melbourne go out to mining locations witnessing the mining operations themselves.

The jewelers in Melbourne are doing it to ensure the origin of the gemstones and diamonds they buy.