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EGF and vitamin C complement each other quite well, but you should keep them somewhat apart if you’re going to be utilizing a vitamin C supplement. A low pH is a common component in the formulation of vitamin C serums, particularly those that include l-ascorbic acid. The acid has the potential to wreak havoc on the intricate components that make up our EGF Serum. If you are using a different brand of C Serum, you should wait at least 15 minutes before using EGF. This is something that we recommend. Both EGF and vitamin C help to restore collagen in the body, making them an ideal combination when administered appropriately. Know more about bioeffect egf serum.

Is it possible to combine EGF with retinol?

Both retinol and EGF are effective anti-aging treatments, and they may be used interchangeably within the same routine without causing any disruptions.

bioeffect egf serum

Would you advocate combining microneedling with EGF treatment?

YES! EGF serum may be administered at any point during or after therapy. Since growth factors stimulate the production of collagen, micro-needling is an excellent supplement to use in conjunction with them. The application of EGF after chemical peels and laser treatments helps to speed up the process of repair and renewal, resulting in greater results achieved in a shorter amount of time.

Is it safe to use EGF in skincare products?

EGF has been employed by researchers for a variety of purposes without any evidence of safety problems being raised, particularly in the quantities that we use. Studies have been done on the topical use of EGF, and so far, there is no evidence to suggest that it might cause cancer. A mutation in the receptors has been related to the development of several malignancies (EGF itself does not have DNA and cannot mutate). The study of these receptors is still going on, but it is separate from the application of EGF topically.

The accelerated generation of new skin cells is one of the goals of EGF as well as the other substances that we utilize in our solutions. We do not encourage the use of EGF or any other nutritional product on regions afflicted by cancer since “feeding” those cells is not a good idea.

When can I expect to see the effects of my efforts?

When used correctly, the positive benefits of EGF can be felt within days of beginning treatment. In most cases, an improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles may be seen within one to two weeks; however, depending on the condition of your skin, it may take a number of months before you see more noticeable effects. Keep in mind that the turnover of skin cells takes between 40 and 50 days on average, and it takes much longer as we get older. Maintaining a consistent routine is really essential! Taking a picture of yourself both before and after the change can help you visualize the difference more clearly.