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As a parent, you want to ensure that your baby gets nothing but the best. So when it comes to sleep, you want them to have enough sleep every day to ensure that they grow right and strong. So it’s no surprise that many parents are using baby sleeping bags to provide them with the ultimate comfort. Fortunately, Love to Dream is here to give you high-quality sleeping bags that your baby can use from infancy to toddler age. So if you want to know more about the magic of Love to Dream and how they have helped thousands of parents worldwide, read on below.

Stage 1: Swaddling

The first stage in your baby’s life is swaddling, which is one of the ways you can put your baby to sleep. Swaddling helps your baby achieve a deeper sleep because it mimics being wrapped inside their mother’s womb. So it gives them that comfort with their arms in a more natural upward position. Plus, it helps prevent any nigh-time waking from your baby’s natural startle reflex. Furthermore, keep in mind that swaddling is only done for babies of up to four months. If you notice them starting to roll over, you should stop swaddling because it might prevent them from being able to roll back over.

Stage 2: Transitional

baby sleeping bags

The second stage is transitional, which is for babies who are starting to roll over. Usually, babies will learn to roll over from two to four months. During this time, you may want to dress them with Love to Dream’s Transition Suit or Transition Bag. It will allow more room for your little ones as they make their first independent movements once they begin to settle themselves when they go to sleep at night. It’s the best way to transition your babies from swaddling, which will be easier for both parents and babies during their whole sleeping journey.

Stage 3: Independent Sleep

The final stage is independent sleep, which is usually around a year old and above. Of course, your babies are no longer the little ones you used to cradle to sleep. Now, they’re ready to sleep independently and freely. Love to Dream’s Sleep Bag and Sleep Suit are the perfect partner for your kids to wear when they sleep at night. Of course, it can keep them warm and all snuggled up, without restricting their movements. Since your kids are on the move, you want to ensure that their arms are free to do whatever they want at night.

Love to Dream is every parent’s partner. From the moment your baby is out of your womb to toddler age, Love to Dream will help you with your baby’s sleeping journey. Of course, the best place to start is swaddling, followed by transitional, and then independent sleeping!